Pat Guzik, a Polish fashion designer known for her years of work with sustainable fashion,

"We All Come From a Place" is a story about searching for your own identity in a continually globalized world. On one hand, you can say that the clothes were made for a Polish girl who is fascinated with the Aboriginal culture and spends her days sitting in her parents’ orchard, practicing with her boomerang. Yet they’re also made for for a Japanese teenager who listens to Polish metal bands, and reproduces the covers of their vinyls with the food in her lunch box.

The places that shape us today are not necessarily the places closest to us. "We All Come From a Place" is a visually stunning and thought-provoking collection, which brings together fascinations of cultures around the world. It showcases how a girl from Shinjuku who listens to Behemoth songs and a Polish woman creates collections inspired by Thang Zhuang and moves to a Chinese city with 30 million people are more connected than we think. During the collection’s premiere, observable references to traditional Japanese or Chinese contemporary working out fits will be made, with prints designed by illustrator Mateusz Kołek.

This latest collection of Pat Guzik creates and develops a series of associations to earlier versions of the designer's work. Oversize and unisex styles have in fluenced her work for years, and can be seen revived in this collection. As in the case of "Heaven is a Place on Earth", her collection that won the first Eco Chic Design Award in Fashion Week in Hong Kong in 2016, the designer draws inspiration from sustainable fashion. All the clothes have been sewn in Poland with fabrics made in Poland. Pat Guzik holds a strong conviction that responsibility, local cooperation and transparency are the most important features of the brand. In Hong Kong, Pat works with the NGO Redress, which has been reducing textile waste in the fashion industry for years, helping extend the life cycle of clothes.

Pat Guzik does not want to contribute to the production of textile garbage. That's why ornaments, created with a method similar to that used in weaving rugs, were made of recycled yarn. The designer also tries to cut clothes to use the fabric in the most effective way, limiting significantly the number of useless offcuts. In "We All Come From a Place", we will also see "reconstructed" clothes, sewn with the use of existing clothes, collected by the designer for a year, which can also be read as a comment on the search for one's identity. Pat Guzik's clients send clothes for her to use, which have previously served them, and now are the basis of the designer's collection. Earlier fashion choices became part of a new whole, a vision of a designer.