Fashion Convent X Quadrat by Diligent

Diligent is a fashion brand led by a duo of designers: Szymon Mrózek and Marta Pospieszna. In creating their collection, the designers focus on interdisciplinary competences and perspectives. They combine contemporary art with issues verging on social dilemmas. 

They draw inspiration from observing their wsurroundings, and without forgetting the past—they turn towards the design future.
The original brand image is bold, as it is intended to stand out.
It redefines streetwear, incorporates elements of sports and combines them with fine and natural fabrics, thus building desire and experience in the form of a product. 

In 2018 Diligent implemented the Fashion Convent sales policy which enables collaborating with local— both Polish and European—concept stores, in a brand-new format. The main objective is to create an individual character of sales, as well as a new quality of services that offers customers shopping transformed into an experience, closer to participating in fashion as art. Fashion Convent takes the form of a two-week partnership accompanied by an image campaign show organized as an open event. 

Berlin Fashion Week
4th July
Start 7pm
Quadrat Shop
Gormannstr. 23, 10119 Berlin