DILIGENT – remember this word – a brand that brings to mind associations with ambition, diligence and extraordinary imagination of the duo SZYMON MRÓZEK – MARTA POSPIESZNA, and at the same time is like a “painted bird”. In their multicolour designs one can find connotations to the novel which brought JERZY KOSIŃSKI international acclaim.
different – in the positive meaning of this word, standing out of the crowd, easy-going, liberated and free like painted birds against the background of the sky, with their heads full of ideas and imagination that allows them to create unusual designs. That’s MARTA and SZYMON, and that’s the customers of the DILIGENT brand.
In DILIGENT those wings are MARTA and SZYMON. Owing to them this young brand is developing and unveiling for their customers further creative levels. Just like birds, they are curious to come to know new spaces. As the brand founder, SZYMON created its classic foundations, while MARTA contributed with cheek and courage. Thanks to this DILIGENT opens people to creating their own world with colour.