SURPLUS - Art Project By Magda Buczek

Magda Buczek is Warsaw-based multidisciplinary artist. Her projects often involve texts and tell multilayered stories about offline and online realities. Her works were exhibited among others in Berlin, London, New York and Mexico city.

What is SURPLUS?
Surplus is a project on the verge of fashion visual poetry and artivism. 
Magda Buczek reuses texts taken from her works and prints them on recycled clothes. 
They are a product of excess in the fashion industry and art production. Surplus creates a new meaning and can be consumed again. 

What was URL is IRL.
What was private is now exposed.
What was labeled is unnamed.

How is it done?
Every piece of clothing is handpicked and redesigned by the artist. Customised vintage means unique and exiting in only one copy.
Editions of prints are limited and ephemeral.

What happens?
Dolces, versaces and common workwear stand united in the name of liberal reincarnation.

“Growth cannot be endless or, above all, continual. [Man] must waste the excess, but remains eager to acquire even when he does the opposite, and so he makes waste itself an object of acquisition”
George Battaille, “The Accursed Share”. New York, 1988

And because it’s fun!


4th July, 8 pm. - 10 pm.

Quadrat Shop, Gormannstr. 23, 10119 Berlin Mitte

*open to public*

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