It's not accident that the metallic necklaces, bracelets and rings from the Rundo collection uncannily resemble water. This element is special for the designer Anna Orska. The Rundo collection was inspired by the artist's many sea-related experiences. In her autumn collection, Anna Orska returns to one of her first projects for the ORSKA brand. The Rundo collection, with its graphite undulating surface, resembles rough sea, and the circular forms of brass elements evoke associations with circles on water. Hand-wrought slices, with a variety of surfaces, allow for extending the structure of the design indefinitely, just like the endless surface of the ocean. Hand-made circles, arranged in flowing metal panes, adapt their form to the body. Rhythmically multiplied elements, combined with Swarovski crystals, give the impression of a light-refracting mosaic, resembling a choppy surface of the sea.

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