Yet again, Anna Orska has combined in her jewelry modern design and a truly extraordinary handcraft technique. The new collection of the ORSKA brand was designed and made in Vietnam, which the artist travelled to in search of pearls. And she did find them, but she also found some amazing craftsmen creating their pieces using an age-old technique, going back six thousand years. Lacquering is a process of covering, in several coats, a wooden base with a colored plant-derived resin. Each layer needs time to set, and each of them needs to be polished. These repeated activities form a cycle which may take even a couple of weeks to be complete. Lacquered handcrafts are inlaid with hand-cut mother-of-pearl ornaments. The jewelry pieces from the Vietnam collection have been decorated with various motifs, including asymmetrical twisting wildlife and graphic, even architectural, plant structures. In this way the designer has made collide pure coincidence and minimalist order. The ornaments are blended in with the vibrant red and jet black shiny lacquer. The limited jewelry from the Vietnam collection has been set in silver and complemented with sea pearls from Ha Long Bay. This age-old handcraft technique dressed in contemporary design shows an unconventional interpretation of Vietnam by Anna Orska.

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