Welcome to the world of Lovli Silk!

Their adventure with silk began several years ago. In the course of our many journeys, they visited the most famous fashion houses in Paris and Milan, silk factories on Lake Como and spinning mills near Shanghai. They toured the fashion streets of New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Warsaw. All this to make sure that less is more. Based on their knowledge and fifteen years of experience in the fashion industry, they created a brand they are very proud of.

Lovli Silk is a perfect combination of the highest quality fabric with timeless form. The brand do not chase trends and seasons, they focus on the natural beauty of silk and cuts that will allow for hundreds of different styles.

Without beating around the cotton or even silk bush, we admit that we like luxury. We also like to share it and that is why, thanks to the shortened supply chain, we can offer our beloved silk to you at an affordable price.

We hope that silk will also become close to your hearts, and even closer to your skin.